About Me

Hi There!

I have had such an interesting life. In my journey I have become a student, a mom, worked in retail, healthcare, food service, higher education AND became a student AGAIN!  Now, I am adding entrepreneur to that list by taking the leap into creating an online shop to sell handmade jewelry and interesting finds.

I am a creative spirit with OCD (crazy right!!), and a sometimes questionable obsession with food. Food is so much a part of me that I pursued a degree in culinary arts. That may have been the most enjoyable chapters of my life. I was honing a skill, learning new things and meeting great people. I think food is the ultimate medium to express creativity.  Between the colors, textures, different cooking methods, cultural cuisines (dramatic pause) it has infinite possibilities of experimentation with delicious outcomes.

My creativity and wanting to be unique has been a part of me even as a little girl; I always went left. I found a way to do something different and not follow the crowd as often as I could. I remember wandering around retail clothing stores and not feeling moved by the selection because I felt that everything was so cookie cutter. I absolutely despised seeing someone wearing the exact same outfit I was wearing. Lucky for me my mom took an interest in sewing and was able to make clothes for me as I got older. I liked designer purses, big curly hair, my push down socks had to match my shirt exactly, I was a baby Diahann Carroll.  Through it all, my dad thought this was just too much and started calling me bougie.

That nickname all these years later helped me name my business. My desire to be unique and have one of a kind looks is the basis of my jewelry designs. I want you to have the pleasure of knowing the products you choose to purchase are unique in that no one in the world will have that exact piece…just you! I am more about inspiration and not mass production. The mold is broken when every one of my jewelry creations are completed.  

When you pop in every week you will have the opportunity to discover items that call out to you and make you feel special. I do hope to make you smile when you open your happy mail!

Thank you for visiting!