Loooong Break...but I am back

Between school and mommy duties, I took a hiatus from my store, but as I mentioned I AM BACK.

So how are you doing during the pandemic and social/racial unrest?

The last few weeks have been exhilarating to some degree...I know your like what?? exhilarating??  I say that because I am so proud to see our community coming together, planning, holding corporations/people accountable, and showing the power in our numbers, voices and our money.

Despite the horrible catalyst that got us here with Mr Floyd's death, we are here now and things will be forever changed.

The pandemic has brought a new appreciation for distance learning...I now think I prefer it over being in a classroom.  Its something about mapping out assignments and seeing the whole semester view as opposed to a few chunks at at time.  Sometimes I don't feel like I fully have the discipline or "stick-to-it-iveness"  to really take advantage of the different format..but I am doing the best I can.  If everything falls into place the right way I should FINALLY have my BS in I/O Psychology in a year and a half....or less (wooohooo!!)

Another development from the pandemic is I have been helping my mom make masks for her colleagues.  We collectively outfitted the staff on her unit and a good bit of others at her work.  Family and friends are outfitted as well.  It has become somewhat of a therapeutic hobby for the both of us.  We get to spend time with each other while putting together cute masks for people to ride out the pandemic fashionably.