2 years later..

Yea, (dusting off the blog) its been a minute since I posted anything here.  I thought for sure I would be posting regularly during the shutdown because I figured, what else was there to do besides school work, taking care of things around the house and cooking. 

Here we are on the other side of the shutdown. I am guess-timating almost fully embracing our new normal. Some things that I reflect on that I learned during that time:

-Self care can come in whatever shape or form that helps you, its not always about bubble baths and scented candles

-There are a lot of creatives that were not able to "create" pre-pandemic.  The shutdown gave people the space to indulge as we have seen a lot of it unfold on social media

-It is possible for the world to be quiet. I watched "The Year Earth Changed" and it was fascinating and amazing to see how nature responded to the pandemic.

Sometimes I still grapple with the thought that everyone around the world was experiencing the same situation at the same time.