Minimalist Charms

SO I have been noticing a trend in the planning world.  It seems although pretty planning is going strong, there is a minimalist movement that is becoming popular as well. Just let me say this for the people in the back, *I am NOT discounting or bashing pretty planning* I love it all!!  However as a creator I also must understand what people want.

As I scroll through social media, the clean looking aesthetic is very eye catching.  Just looking at it brings a kind of calming zen which is helpful with planning.  You want to start in a place of calmness to tame the anxiety provoking world we live in.

With these thoughts in mind, I have created a more minimalist collection of planner/purse charms.  I still include some level of extra-ness and bling because that's just who I am, but in a refined way.

Ring - Minimalist Charm (black)

This beauty is one of my favorites. Ring base color is black which is the most common color of planner binders and pens used in minimalist planning.  I designed this pendant with seed beads scattered and set in resin then adding the black chain and clasp. I thought I was done.  The creative in me said it needed something else. After digging through my bead stash I found simple bling elements that completed the look.

I have to stop and mention UV resin is becoming a new favorite medium of mine.  It gives me the opportunity to go even further with creating one-of-a kind pieces.  I have tried regular A/B resin that you have to mix, but BOY o BOY it is A LOT to deal with.  I tried doing it in the house and regretted it.  Between the smell lingering for days even with an exhaust fan, the curing time, the mask (which I did not do all the research to know I should have been wearing the 2x I tried this type of resin!!!!) IT IS TOO MUCH WORK! UV resin is much better, but I digress, lol

This second charm is called Black Ombre. If I am honest seed beads get to my nerves, but using them in resin instead of threading them, I can deal with it.  I went with a silver chain and clasp for this charm because of the Ombre

effect.  The color of the middle set of beads is more of a shimmery black

that I felt would reflect off of the silver better.  And it does.  The chain o-ring works together with it because I felt it was unifying the different shapes.

One of the things I focus on while in design mode is the awe factor.  Would this take my breathe away when I opened happy mail to see it inside?   

One of the best feelings is seeing my creations through other people's eyes when they post the unboxing.  The way they gasp while admiring it, turning it in all directions to take in all of the detail. It brings me joy to know something I created by hand is bringing joy to someone else.